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554 Long Hill Road

Groton, Connecticut


Monday to Saturday

By Appointment Only

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About Melissa

Growing up, Art was my Escape. 

I learned to sketch and design with my brother Brian and learned to see things in a unique way at a young age. Coming from a creative and gifted family, I used my talents to build a new reality for myself. I took on tattooing as a self taught artist and then worked my way into a tattoo shop. 

Now tattooing Professionally for half a decade, I decided to open my own Private Tattoo Studio. My strengths are in Black and Grey Realism, Fine Line work and heavy detail. I enjoy many other styles as well, I will always aim to improve myself!

Matriix Team

Maria Benitez

Maria is a retired Administrative Assistant that volunteers her time at the shop doing front desk. She uses her knowledge to help with scheduling, calls and errands. She's excited to greet and meet you all!

A Perfect Tattoo Experience

First thing you should know is that every tattoo I do is custom. Before you arrive, think about what you want or a direction you want to go in and bring references. Bring printed photos, images, drawings and even inspiration on your phone. There is no such thing as too much. I welcome a great starting point.

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